Remember Google vs. China? Perspective from Singapore startup Techsailor

15 Aug 2010 in Interviews

Google. China. Perspective from Singapore startup Techsailor from John Exley on Vimeo.

During the “BizAsia 2010 Entrepreneurship Conference” this past spring, I interviewed Cheng Shun Ling ( while we were touring the offices of the Singapore-based startup Techsailor ( Ling is the Creative Director for the Web 2.0 startup, and they provide social media marketing to businesses across Asia – including China.

I asked her about her perspective on Google’s fiasco in China and how it has impacted Techsailor. Ling explained that China doesn’t want information to get out of the country, and that Google makes it easy to get information out of China through tools like Gtalk and Gmail. So China made it progressively more and more difficult to use Google. As I understand it, this was one of the issues at the center of Google and the Chinese government’s conflict.

Further, Ling talked about how Techsailor uses Google docs and Gmail to collaborate with their office in China.

Cheng Shun Ling is also a very talented photographer, and you can check out all the beautiful pictures on her site here:

Many thanks to her and the team at Techsailor! What do you wish I had asked Ling? What could I do to get more value for you out of each of these interviews?