Why should you use Social Media in Business?

16 Aug 2010 in Passion

Last year while I was in New York City for the Web 2.0 Expo, my friend Harrison Painter , the Host of “Coffee With Harrison”, asked me to make a video for New York Entrepreneurship Week answering the question of why it might be important for a business to use social media. So, my best friend T-Bill Hart filmed me in Times Square answering the question.

Why do you think it’s important for businesses to use social media, and what are some of the most creative ways you’ve seen businesses take advantage of social media? Examples are welcomed…I want to know what companies you think are crushing it the most using social media!

  • http://www.rickyleepotts.com Ricky Potts

    I am headed to New York City in a couple of weeks. I hope to stand right where you are while I am there for a couple of photos! But I have to say, you make New York look good!

    Now, you know Harrison Painter? Have we talked about this? He is one MY good friends as well. He lives just down the road from me and he and I are like two peas in a pod here in the city of Indianapolis. As he would say, LOVE IT!

    And I also like how you made a Gary Vaynerchuk reference there with the “you think you are crushing it” line. Again, as Harrison would say, LOVE IT!

    I had no idea you knew Harrison. This world gets smaller and smaller the older I get. Good work my friend, keep it up!

  • http://JohnExleyOnline.com John Exley

    Great plan for NYC Ricky, I’m gonna be watching for those pictures on Facebook! And thanks for the nice words bro…someday we have to meet up in Times Square and brainstorm, shoot some video blogs for sure.

    Yes sir, I do know Harrison Painter! What a guy…every time I’ve interacted with him (all on the phone, over Twitter/FB, etc.), he has been encouraging and enthusiastic. And I’m assuming you know he homeschools his kids? I was homeschooled until I was 15, so you I LOVE THAT haha!

    Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge inspiration to me, he’s a hero of mine. I started watching his video blogs back in fall 2008, read Crush It, talked to Gary over email and Twitter a few times, and then had the pleasure of meeting him in person in fall 2009, in NYC actually. He is the Real Deal. His energy is contagious, he has a genuine desire to help others (and does time and time again), and he is a brilliant, hard working entrepreneur. He brings a sort of Michael Jordan kind of in-the-zone focus and competitive nature to business. LOVE IT haha!

    Thanks again for your continued motivation Ricky, and please never hesitate to critique me and let me know how you think I can get better. We must have a phone call soon!

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  • http://www.lakeshorebranding.com/company/blog/6-must-dos-for-local-seo/ Lloyd Warmbrodt

    This is a fantastic post about PR. I’m a student just trying to learn more about this industry and I really enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the great work!

  • http://JohnExleyOnline.com John Exley

    Lloyd, thank you! It’s great to see you discovering my blog and it is reassuring that you are finding it a resource to learn from. That’s really my goal with “The X Factor” blog…I want to share everything I’m learning through interviews, video blogs, and written blogs so that others like yourself might take advantage as well and add to the discussion. Ya know? Where are you from? Glad to connect with ya…hope to see you back in the comments (or on Twitter! I’m @JohnExley if you’re on Twitter…) sometime soon!

  • http://JohnExleyOnline.com John Exley

    Thank you MMFM, I’m glad you find it useful! Please share how I might get better or feel free to suggest posts are people you might wish me to interview. Good to connect with ya, hope to see ya in the comments again soon!

  • Chinabound

    This is excelent stuff John. I like the Times Square scene and the points you make. Also the interview with Benny Lee is fascinating. He is no joke and obviously very real when it comes to working in Asia. His backgrounds seems so diverse and his understanding on the Asian mindset & culture in business applications seems invaluable. Thank you for your hard work.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    Chinabound, I appreciate your kind words. It was fun shooting this in Times Square, and I have developed an enormous interest in business development with emerging technologies and new/social media. Even more so now than when I shot this video in November 2009, companies and brands from all industries are diving into the new media space and attempting to capitalize on the dearth of opportunities there. Startup companies seem to be (from what I’m reading) more and more focused on consumer web services/products than enterprise or software; and I think the explosion of social media into mainstream is driving a lot of this change.

    Meanwhile, I’m very glad you checked out the Benny Lee interview. Boy are we on the same page – that guy is as real as it gets. I can tell you story after story about him being there for me…being understanding of my rookie mistakes here and there, taking me to his church, taking my family out to dinner when they came to visit, and just taking lots of time to mentor me on how business is accomplished in the Asian culture. And on and on and on. Great guy.

    He knows his stuff, and he is also very very very energetic which makes every meeting with him exciting. Perhaps one day you will have the chance to meet Benny! I am hoping that he comes to upstate New York one day where I am from or that I am able to get back out to Singapore. If so, we will have to shoot another interview.

    Again, thanks for checking this out Chinabound – comments like yours are motivating and I hope to connect with ya more soon.