I’m Back

21 Oct 2013 in Interviews

I haven’t written a blog post since August 6th, 2012. That shouldn’t even count, though, as it was a repost of my May 2011 story of how I landed my dream internship at Hashable. Prior to that, the last blog post I wrote was on December 29th, 2011.

Over time, I grew tired of how my site looked. I didn’t like how small the font was. The branding of my blog felt like an outdated design that reflected a younger me. So, as I’m sure many of you can relate to (especially those of you who aren’t technical and thus similarly challenged at the idea of how to fix these problems), I stalled and put off blogging. I made excuses. Also, I am a perfectionist… so I kept telling myself I don’t have time to write the perfect post to meet the standards I’ve unconsciously set for myself.

All of these excuses held me back from writing.

My roommate has been pushing me for months to start writing again. Finally, last night, I committed. I told myself I would not let this ‘Sweatpants Sunday‘ slide by without posting something.

So, here I am. Double-cupped up at this coffee house in Brooklyn. Typing one-handed. I just had a pretty intense shoulder surgery (pic below) called a “Laterjet procedure” 3 weeks ago, so my left arm is in a sling… unable to contribute whatsoever in the writing of this post. It’s my 3rd shoulder surgery, after 8 previous dislocations from basketball (described in a letter I wrote to Lil Wayne in 2010).

Reflecting back, I’ve lived in New York City for a year now. In fact, my one-year anniversary at YieldMo was just a couple weeks ago, on October 1st. It’s been the hardest year of my life – just ask anyone close to me. But I’m still here. Still fighting. Fighting to recover from surgery. Fighting to get better at sales. Fighting to stay alive financially. Fighting to protect my principles. To those who I haven’t been able to see or speak to in a long time, I promise you I’m still the same me. Young, ambitious, emotional, insecure, but hungry as ever. And, still committed to being remembered as the most loyal individual any of you ever knew when I’m gone.

I’m excited to start writing again, making this a regular focus. There are a TON of hard lessons I’ve learned, and I think it’s going to be therapeutic sharing some of them on my blog. I can’t let my voice or my dreams die. This is what’s in my head right now.

Credit to the YNH family and all my friends who are keeping me sane. Looking around me, one reason my dreams are still alive is thanks to my friends not giving up on chasing their own, night and day, as well. Dan‘s writing just gets better and better… Dorian is really coming into his own as an artist (check out his art)… Ryan is building a product that, among other great things, is enabling me to work faster at YieldMo… Conrad just had his biggest revenue month yet at SnagFreeSamplesMark is working on behavioral science software to help people build better habits… and my brother Kivvy is making the best music of his life (his debut EP project, “Hardcore Parkour”, is dropping on Thanksgiving).

Okay, now I have to prepare for a call with Boyce. Time to press publish.

But first, shout out to the barista who gave me my coffee and danish for free after randomly asking if I had an Android phone and if I happened to have  brought my charger - which I of course had with me and let her borrow.

Thank you to bwats for pushing me to write again. Don’t let excuses hold you back from chasing whatever it is you may have been born to do.


  • Y.N.H Kivvy

    Much love well done! Glad to see you back at it Brody!

  • Regy Perlera

    Love this man. Gotta get on your level and start cranking out some words of my own. As for your blogs design, we may be able to take care of that.

  • http://doriandargan.com/ Dorian Dargan

    Welcome back big homie. We’ve missed you.

    Real talk, if you redesign your blog you should use that image of your shoulder – it’s legendary!

    Looking forward to seeing a lot more where this came from…

  • http://www.dongletap.com/ Julian Miller

    As always, I’m humbled by the honesty in your grind. Looking forward to reading more about the things that shake, break, or make you.

  • http://jbp3.com/ John Petersen

    JX. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to catch up the other night. Was working on closing some business… you know :)

    Welcome back to the blogging world. Good to have you back my friend

  • kim617

    I love you because you stay 100% authentic. Mad love always X!

  • Frank Pinto

    Regy and I are right behind you, my words will see the light soon! And congrats on getting back to writing man

  • http://www.kokev.in Kevin Ko

    Best of luck brother. The site design was really fresh when it came out though!

  • nateberkopec

    “six million dollar man” should be your new blog tagline!

  • http://www.quinntonharris.com/ Quinnton Harris

    Welcome back! If you ever need some ideas for the design of your blog, let know and we’ll rap!

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    All the way from Sydney Australia, it’s YNH family!!! We’re global now. Next post you put up, DM it to me. I don’t wanna miss it. As for design, let’s GOO. Will catch you on email when I get back to apt from YieldMo.

    P.S. Hardcore Parkour dropping on Thanksgiving. You already know what this means…

    Skype asap

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley


  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    Thank you my man. Great to see you on here. 100% I need your design ideas and inspiration. It’s literally exactly what I’ve been missing. Bring your notorious ‘creativity A game’ (aka “Q game”) and let’s get a Skype sesh going to brainstorm.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    Haha – TRUTH. People at the YieldMo office keep harassing your boy that the next step is gonna be amputation… and bionic shoulder implantation…

    Your loyalty to staying double-cupped up from time to time and shouting that out on Twitter is all that really matters in the end though am I right? Btw, we’re trying to get a good coffee setup at our apt — would love the expert feedback here. Thank you man!

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    My dude. Great to hear from you. Been a while. What’s the latest? Will never forget the TechCrunch Disrupt volunteer days.

    And you’re not lying – shout out to Matt Ackerson, site was fresh to death when he finished it back then! It just reflects a younger me. That’s all.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley




    in the comments — salute!

    That time needs to come ASAP brother. I keep reading all over the Internet, your fans are everywhere… itching for you to get back in the game. Can’t wait to read some reflections on your dreamchasing in Guatemala and the products you’re building. Also, Regy of course. This dude Regy. Living the dream in Sydney.

    Thanks for the shout though. Appreciate it. BRICKS family.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    This is CLASSIC motivation and reinforcement to keep being the same SBB…

    Kimye, you really are the bomb. Appreciate you. The love is very real. I got you. And I won’t change. Promise you that. See you soon.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    All good JBPTHREE, I know how you do

    I was dying anyway. Pain was crazy at the point so I left straight away after when you were still in conversation, closing that business.

    Thank you for the welcome back. Appreciate that. Feels good to write again.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    Julian, good to see you on here man. Crazy still haven’t met you in person. Been tweeting for years…

    Thanks for such a real comment. It means a lot to me. Startups are very hard, a lot harder than they seem as an intern or reading about them, etc. But the hustle and fight inside this kid was birthed in a gritty city, and I’m ready to keep pushing for year 2.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    My brother BROrian. Thank you. I appreciate that. Feels good to be back.

    Also your redesign idea… hahaha imagine if I did that. Prolly would scare away new readers on the regular. The incision is crazy. Jarring pic but very real, which is def true to my style.

    You got it fams. More to come.

  • http://www.nickrovisa.me/ Nick Rovisa

    Always enjoyed your writing style, X. Glad you’re back at it. Can we grab a coffee soon or what?

  • conradbarrett

    that picture is no joke.

  • conradbarrett

    Goooooood loooks homie, always appreciate the shoutout. Finally, this blog post happened!

    ps. snag some free kcups -https://apps.facebook.com/choose_fair_trade/

    @regyperlera:disqus @frank_pinto:disqus come back to NYC!

  • W.

    I’ve been waiting for this media empire to start :) Now that nothing’s holding you back anymore, you do have what it takes to address your design concerns.

  • http://www.kokev.in Kevin Ko

    I learned to code and now I’m an engineer at http://www.anyperk.com (YC ’12). It feels a lot more natural on this side of things as a dev now – I don’t have the hustle you have needed to succeed as non-tech :P

    Recover well man, sucks to hear your shoulder’s still bugging you even after all this time.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    I got my stitches out yesterday thankfully

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    Wilhem, you’ve been there helping me hone my writing and build a small community here since I first started writing as a sophomore in school. Appreciate the continued motivation. If you come to NYC or if I go to France anytime, coffee on me

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    My main man. It’s been a long time coming. There’s nothing in this post that is news to you — you were there and had my back every single step of the way. Given it was/continues-to-be the toughest year I’ve had, I have a lot to thank you for.

    Thanks for the free kcups hookup — bwats just picked up an aereopress for the crib. It’s fire. Talked to Celso last night btw and I had the idea we should do a lil pre-Thanksgiving dinner with the family. Bring Hollywood, he brings Lil Krit, etc.

    Also can’t wait for Regy and Lil Frankie P to make their returns. Regy’s will be soon. And that kid is getting very, very good at his craft. Wait til you hear all he’s been working on.

    See you when I’m back to the city. Heading to coffee with The G, my mom, and Jeff soon, and then getting up with Kiv and the YNH fam tonight in the home city. You’ll be missed.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    My boy from the home city! Incredible you moved to Brooklyn. Not only do we have to do a coffee soon (next weekend would be good), but you’ve gotta swing by the crib and catch up there. Thanks to bwats, we have an areopress now so we can save money if we need to and just make coffee at my place.

    Thanks for the shout out though. Glad to hear it resonates with you my man. See you soon.

  • http://www.johnexleyonline.com/ JohnExley

    This is what I live for. Your story is so legit. From killing it at poker, to being inspired by startups, we meet through a Suster tweet, I see you start your own startup, you recruit engineers, build a real product, then teach yourself to code (!!!!!!!), and join a YC startup as an engineer.

    It’s interesting what you say about how it feels so much more natural. You’re the “real artist” now. Frankly, it’s kind of every non-technical “aspiring founder’s” most procrastinated dream: learning to code. And you did it.

    Can’t wait to catch up and hear the whole backstory.

    Yeah the shoulder saga continues. This has been the hardest recovery, by far. But I had my 1month post-operation meeting with my surgeon yesterday and he was very excited about how my incision has healed. I can now take my sling off 50% of the day, and type two-handed (as long as computer is in my lap and not on a desk).

    Progressing little by little man.

  • http://www.nickrovisa.me/ Nick Rovisa

    How about Saturday? Text me if yes.

  • http://jlbeaney.wordpress.com jessica

    John keep blogging!