A Flashback to Google’s Controversy in China: The Ben Crox Interview (Part 4/5)

12 Jan 2011 in Interviews

I must begin with an apology. The lighting in this interview was very dark! In Part 1 of the series, I dubbed my interview with Ben Crox ‘the dark interview‘ because of the poor lighting. Now, let’s flashback in time. Back to the spring of 2010. At the time, Google was in the midst of [...]

“They Just Want To Control The People”. Who? China. The Ben Crox Interview (Part 3/5)

10 Jan 2011 in Interviews

The interview I dubbed “the dark interview” is back for round 3. We are halfway through a five segment interview with Hong Kong’s very own Ben Crox, the Principal Consultant for Web Fusion Technology Limited who is also an evangelist for Project West Chamber. More on that project in a minute (unless you want to [...]

Ben Crox Is Back, And He Wants You To Understand China’s Great Fire Wall (Part 2/5)

28 Nov 2010 in Interviews

Let’s dive back into “the dark interview”. The Chinese government is estimated to spend over 200 Million RMB (US $30 Million) per year on maintaining and expanding its Great Fire Wall to censor the Internet. Why? Because free expression is not allowed in China. The government fears that sites like Facebook and Twitter “will provide [...]

The Challenge (And Sheer Excitement) of Making The Move to Shanghai: My Interview with Blair Hildahl

14 Nov 2010 in Interviews

The clock is ticking past 7:30am. I’m in a hotel room in Shanghai. All-nighter. Flight to Hong Kong leaves this afternoon. Breakfast is at 9:00am. Meeting with Bill Morrow tonight. Why did I push myself to stay up? Simple. I couldn’t wait to bring you this interview that I did a few days ago here [...]

Why My First 3 Hours in a Beijing Hotel Have Been UNSUCCESSFUL: A Developing Story


Beijing. 2:00 AM. The last 30 hours have been spent flying from D.C. to Tokyo to Beijing. I’m in a cold hotel room; still cold because I can’t figure out how to turn up the heat, haha. There’s complete darkness in my hotel room because my French roommate from the Washington Semester Program is asleep. [...]

“It’s Time To Demolish The Great Firewall of China.” Ben Crox. (Part 1/5)

29 Oct 2010 in Interviews

I think I’m gonna call this “the dark interview”. Frustrated by the Chinese government’s stubborn commitment to censoring the Internet (which basically prevents people like me from being able to connect online with entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders in China), “dark” would be a great word to describe my mood with the web situation in [...]

Hey China…Stop Censoring The Internet

27 Oct 2010 in Passion

OKAY. There’s no disputing it: China has been  making leaps and bounds. They boast  the world’s 2nd largest economy. And,  they have been “shucking off”  communism (Source: Tom Friedman,  New York Times) and moving towards  “laying a talent foundation for  the socialism modernization to be  basically realized in the middle period  of this century.” STOP. CENSORING. [...]

“The Problem with Today’s Entrepreneurs”: Singapore VC Nicholas Chan’s Insights (Part 4/4)

18 Oct 2010 in Interviews

“The Problems with Today’s Entrepreneurs”: Singapore VC Nicholas Chan Explains from John Exley on Vimeo. NOTE: **Warning About Video: at the 1:30 mark in this video, something is messed up with my camera (or perhaps my file?) for about 4 seconds and initially when reviewing the video it caught me off guard so I hope [...]

Investing in Asia: The Strategy of “Accidental” Venture Capitalist Nicholas Chan (Part 3/4)

15 Oct 2010 in Interviews

Singapore’s Entrepreneur-turned-”Accidental” VC Nicholas Chan on Investing in Asia from John Exley on Vimeo. NOTE: **Warning About Video: at the 4:43 mark in this video, something is messed up with my camera (or perhaps my file?) for about 7 seconds. Initially when reviewing the video it caught me off guard so I hope you aren’t [...]

How Entrepreneur-turned-”Accidental” VC Nicholas Chan won Over Mentors As a Teenager (Part 2/4)

14 Oct 2010 in Interviews

How Singapore Entrepreneur-turned-”Accidental” VC Nicholas Chan Won Over Mentors As a Teenager from John Exley on Vimeo. Fearless. Different. Stirring up the pot is not a foreign concept to Nicholas Chan. In a culture like Singapore’s where authorities are followed without question and open confrontation is almost nonexistent, the 31 year old serial entrepreneur turned [...]