For the Love of Hashable – Welcome John Exley!

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REWIND TIME. Last year, in May 2011, I wrote a detailed blog post that laid out the specific steps I took to land my dream internship with Hashable in New York City. Emily Hickey, the CMO of Hashable (at the time) added a paragraph to the beginning of my post and then published it to [...]

“Steve Jobs. The Godfather. A hero of mine because of you….”

19 Oct 2011 in Passion
Steve Jobs, TIME

Collin Yarbrough has been my roommate and my main man at Clarkson University since freshman year. Almost straight away, he introduced me to the Steve Jobs keynotes (or, “Stevenotes“) and made each one a scheduled, required viewing in Cubley Hall 108. In no time, I was hooked. Today, he found an email that I sent to him on June 4, 2010 [...]

Introducing The X Factor’s Brand New Redesign *Thanks To PetoVera*

31 Mar 2011 in Passion
The X Factor, brand new redesign

Do you know how much energy I have right now? One post certainly won’t do justice to how pumped I am about the redesign Matt Ackerson, Paolo Roa and the PetoVera team did for my blog, ‘The X Factor’. I am fired up. Motivated. This is only the beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you. [...]

Hey China…Stop Censoring The Internet

27 Oct 2010 in Passion

OKAY. There’s no disputing it: China has been  making leaps and bounds. They boast  the world’s 2nd largest economy. And,  they have been “shucking off”  communism (Source: Tom Friedman,  New York Times) and moving towards  “laying a talent foundation for  the socialism modernization to be  basically realized in the middle period  of this century.” STOP. CENSORING. [...]

My (2nd) Letter to Lil Wayne

8 Oct 2010 in Passion

*NOTE: About five weeks ago I hand-wrote a letter to Dwayne Carter (the artist better known as Lil Wayne), who is currently serving a prison sentence in Rikers Island, New York City. My friends urged me to publish what I wrote, but I had already mailed it. A few days ago I decided to write [...]

Why should you use Social Media in Business?

16 Aug 2010 in Passion

Last year while I was in New York City for the Web 2.0 Expo, my friend Harrison Painter , the Host of “Coffee With Harrison”, asked me to make a video for New York Entrepreneurship Week answering the question of why it might be important for a business to use social media. So, my best [...]