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For the Love of Hashable – Welcome John Exley!

Screen Shot 2012-08-07 at 12.20.11 AM

REWIND TIME. Last year, in May 2011, I wrote a detailed blog post that laid out the specific steps I took to land my dream internship with Hashable in New York City. Emily Hickey, the CMO of Hashable (at the time) added a paragraph to the beginning of my post and then published it to [...]

Rachel Sklar Rallies New York City’s Tech World For The Raise Cache Music Video

28 Nov 2011 in Startups & Technology
Rachel Sklar with Charlie Rose

I started hearing the buzz just two weeks ago. Rachel Sklar was making a music video (see it towards the end of this post) for the Raise Cache fashion show, to benefit hackNY. Unfortunately, I was far away at Clarkson University… studying hard for a Fluid Mechanics exam I had the same day of the [...]

The Sports Stock Market Has Arrived. Memo to Jeremy Levine: We Owe You One

5 Apr 2011 in Startups & Technology

Sports fanatics: may I have your attention, please. Have you ever thought ‘if there was a Wall Street for sports, I know I’d be the Gordon Gekko of that stock market‘…? If you’re as passionate as my boy Dave West professes to be, then I may have found your dream-come-true. Meet StarStreet: the stock market [...]

The Five Travel Startups You Need To Know

20 Jan 2011 in Startups & Technology

photo © 2009 Michael Ruiz | more info (via: Wylio) ************* A few days ago, I wrote about the problem of planning tourist trips and how I want to be able to choose pre-selected, step-by-step daily itineraries for cool things to do on every trip I take. I don’t want to have to sift through [...]

The Problem With Planning A Trip To NYC…Or Any City For That Matter

17 Jan 2011 in Startups & Technology

photo © 2010 Jorge Quinteros | more info (via: Wylio)                       *********************************** Yes, I am a travel addict. There are a million cool things to do in New York City. Tons of great restaurants to dine out at, lots of places ‘you just have to [...]